Cat Arch Scratcher

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Updated Design. The brush is fixed on the base with screws, more stable and easier to install than an ordinary arch groom. So the brush will not bounce off the problem when rubbing hair or playing.
Multi-Use. Cat self groomer & massager all in one, cat groom brush, scratcher pad, and play toy, your lovely cats and kittens can walk through the arch and brush itself or grind claws, keeping entertained for hours.
No More Hairballs. When a cat crosses an arched door, the bristle will gently brush away fragile hair. This cat grooming arch will avoid your cat from swallowing hair and shedding hair on the floor, sofas, beds, and clothes.
Base Scratching Pad. The arch grooming and massaging base is a soft carpet, cats can scratch paws on it so that your furry will never scratch furniture again. And the base is much heavier than others, so it will not easily tip over.
Catnip Bag. The hair-rubbing contains a cat mint, and the arch bottom has a small hole area that can be placed catnip. Cats like catnip very much, so it will always play with it.

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