Cat Scratcher

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Scratching Board · Cardboard
Unique Design: Premium scratching textures design, our cat scratching pad more closely mimics tree bark. Different touching experience makes it more irresistible for the cats. More importantly with this design, The cat scratch pad is 50% more durable than the normal ones.

Save Your Furniture: Satisfied cats‘ scratching instinct, bring your favorite furry friend healthy claws, a place to release stress and great exercise. Saving your furniture and carpets from the cats since they are the “natural cardboard” at home. Durable &

Natural Material: Made of heavy-duty corrugated and 100% recycled cardboard, the cardboard cat scratcher is strong enough to resist the sharpest claws for a fair enough long time. It is also safe and non-toxic. Even the glue used in the construction is corn starch. Perfectly healthy for your adorable cats.

Reversible Feature: The cat scratcher cardboard is reversible, so two sides can be scratched, making the cat scratching cardboard life last longer and more cost-effective. All of the fabrics are deliberately selected to ensure the apparels are secure for our furry pals to wear. Each piece of garment by Cature Wear is full of our engrossing effort to bring your buddy more comfort as well as to look more fashionable!