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Too few paws for all this pleasure! As they play with this toy that has so much to offer, watch as your cats become exhausted. an intellectual challenge, like a puzzle. A cat scratcher that is perfect for honing claws. To improve their Pawxing abilities, give them a spring toy.

1] Both little kittens and senior cats can use this cat scratcher.
Play tactics number two: satiate their want to scratch while protecting your furniture. Chase or fetch games can be played with the bell ball. It can also be put inside the puzzle box for them to explore. Other toys can be placed in the puzzle box in addition to the bell ball.
3] Here’s a pro suggestion to get your cat’s attention: cover the scratcher with catnip powder.
4] This toy is constructed of sturdy corrugated paper.
5] Reasons to purchase it: a puzzle, for mental exercise. a scratcher to make their claws more acute. a spring toy that will help them improve their Pawxing.