Silvervine Catnip Ball

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RELIEVES STRESS AND ANXIETY: Silvervine and catnip both help cats decrease depression. With the Silvervine catnip play ball, your cat will be cheerful and delighted.

CAT DENTAL AND ORAL HEALTH: Silvervine catnip ball toy can also be a cat chewing toy to help improve a cat’s oral health. Chewing on silvervine sticks helps knock plaques and tartar off the cat’s teeth and keep their breath fresh.

PROMOTE DIGESTION: Both silvervine sticks and catnip are known to improve a cat’s digestive system, thus increasing a cat’s appetite. The skin on the silvervine stick will fall off and deteriorate after chewing, just use a knife to peel off the skin after a period of time to turn It into a fresh silvervine catnip toy.

PLAY AND EXERCISE: Combined with Silvervine, catnip this cat toy ball will be more attractive to cats compared with other cat toys. It can encourage your cat to play and exercise routine and help fight obesity, which is very good for lazy indoor cats.

Dog Trust is committed to creating healthy pet toys. According to a study, though 85% of cats respond to silvervine, a small part of cats may have no interest in it at all. Some cats might require time to warm up to the toy.

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