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Chicken & Rice Recipe


Low Grain Chicken and Antioxidant packed
“Starter Food” is specially made for weaning pups, gestating and lactating bitches. A low-grain formula, it helps maintain a low glycemic index while the chicken inclusion (48%) provides your pup with an easily digestible source of protein. The antioxidant bites are just what your growing Puppy needs to build a healthy immune system. Suitable for puppies up to 2 months.
NUTRITIONAL ANALYSIS: Protein 32%, Crude Fat 22%, Ash 6.6%, Moisture (max) 10%, Crude Fibre 2.5%, Calcium (min) 1.3%, Phosphorus (min) 1%.
Proper Muscle Growth supported by higher protein levels from real chicken, chicken meal and eggs.
Brain and Eye Development supported by DHA and ARA, fatty acids found in mother’s milk.
Strong Bones promoted by right balance of calcium and phosphorus.
Lustrous Skin and Coat nourished by Omega 3&6 fatty acids.
Healthy immune system supported by vitamins, minerals and antioxidant rich power bits.
Dental health promoted by apt shaped kibbles for tartar removal while chewing.

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