Single Side Comb



  • STANDARD SIZE: This pet grooming comb has been designed for universal use and measures 9×1.5 inches long. It has 39 teeth and will reach every part of your pet when combing them.
  • FOR ALL PETS: This grooming comb works well on all kinds of dogs & cats! It works effectively for both long & short-haired breeds of canines & felines, no matter how dense their coat.
    SUPER GRIP: This comb has an ergonomically designed plastic handle that provides you with excellent support & non-slip technology so you can groom your pet easily every time.
    GREAT FOR SHEDDING: If you have a pet that is constantly shedding, this tool is for you. This comb removes matted and falling fur, keeping your pet healthy and your home dander-free.
    1 Piece

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